Participation certificates are an integral part of our competition following Presentation Day. The certificate is designed to coincide with the themed poster of that year, making it very unique! We get up to 10,000 poems every year, and every student that enters the competition receives a certificate! Students who receive a Commended, Highly Commended or Shortlisted poem will also have this put on their certificate too!

Our Project Officer spends weeks printing, compiling and sending them to students at their respective schools. It's a mammoth task, but we know that students and teachers appreciate being recognised for their creative efforts.

To ensure your participation certificates are received in a safe and timely manner, here are some helpful tips:

  • When registering for the competition itself, make sure you register with the correct postal or residential address. The address that is listed is where the participation certificate/s will be sent to.
  • If you're an individual student, register with your home address and not your school's address. Certificates that are sent to the school tend to be lost or misplaced because they're not expecting it.
  • Contact us if you change your address.
  • Double-check the spelling of the student's name when entering as however it appears in the system is what will be put on the certificate at time of printing.
  • Double-check that all students/poems have been entered into the competition. In previous years, contact has been made after receiving certificates and discovering a student's certificate is missing, only to go back and see the student's poem was never entered! :(

If after receiving your certificates you find a student's name is spelt incorrectly, (or there is some other issue), please download and print a certificate template here.*

Participation certificates are mailed between October-November every year. Please be patient around this time.

We hope you enjoy your special certificate! 



*2020 certificate will be available for download later in the year.