Our Projects


Since 2015 the annual launch of the poetry competition has been held in Canberra. This recent innovation has helped raise the profile of the competition and the work of the Society. The Society has no capacity to cover the cost of this venture so committee members pay their own way. It is on our agenda to take the launch to other capital cities once funding can be obtained.



Gunnedah Shire Council very generously “donated” the former Gunnedah Visitor Information Centre to the Society in 2015, providing a permanent headquarters. The building houses the valuable Jean Isherwood water colour collection of images from “My Country” and in time will include an amphitheatre and outdoor classroom such that it will become the cultural hub of Gunnedah.  Gunnedah Shire Council assists and supports this project in many ways but it is up to the Society to find resources to complete all phases of this project.

The Mackellar Centre is open Tuesday-Thursday 10am-3pm. Please drop in for a visit!


The Society is in the process of selecting a rose to be named the “Dorothea Mackellar Rose”. Solicitors for the Dorothea Mackellar Estate advise Mackellar family members are delighted with the prospect. It is envisaged that one day soon the rose will be planted in private and public gardens across Australia. This project requires considerable funding for the marketing and distribution of the rose.


The Society is currently liaising with Destination NSW to establish a nationally recognised “Mackellar Drive” from Point Piper where Dorothea Mackellar was born, to Pittwater, Paterson in the Hunter Valley and Gunnedah where the Mackellar family owned properties, and then on to Canberra to the National Arboretum. This project is the Society’s attempt to raise awareness of Australia’s proud poetical past, attract visitors to this side of the Great Divide and showcase the Mackellar Centre in Gunnedah. Preliminary talks have taken place at this time.


We have “commissioned” a friend of the Society to put a screenplay together on the life of Dorothea Mackellar. Also in its early stages, this project has the potential to become a movie on the big screen. Watch this space!